Toddlers: 12 to 24 months

CDM’s one-year old rooms are places of amazing growth. Your baby will enjoy the wonders of finding independence and mobility as a toddler. Care teachers know that toddlers are moving out to explore their world, so ample time and many opportunities are given for young children to explore and play, which leads to meaningful learning, indoors and outside.

Walking, crawling, climbing, running, and trying out their bodies in space are important parts of the day. Language and books continue to be important, as we encourage a love of reading from the start. Toddlers learn sign language to enable communication so that young children who may not yet have the fine motor ability can communicate early. Around 16 months of age, toddlers have an explosion in language development and learn many new words in a short time.

CDM’s one-year old rooms are designed to offer simple learning centers:

  • active play areas for trying new skills
  • soft areas for books or relaxing
  • ample floor space for play
  • materials and activities to stimulate continuing development.

Toddlers move into a flexible schedule that allows for individual needs to be met while offering family-style lunches and snacks.  A restful nap after lunch now takes on significance as toddlers stay busy all day.

One-year old rooms are set up for a maximum of 10 children with two care teachers, for a ratio of 5:1.

Care Teachers for the one-year old classrooms include:

Kimberly Ward, A.A. Early Care and Education

Andrelle Johnson, A.A. Early Care and Education

Amy Chapman, S.C. Early Childhood Credential

Jessica Gowins, A.A. Early Care and Education

Fila Polena, S.C. Early Childhood Credential; S.C. Infant/Toddler Guidelines