Summer Camp

CDM offers a high quality Summer Camp program for children in Kindergarten through Middle School. Our program is licensed by the State of S.C. and monitored by Advocates for Better Care. We feel strongly that all children, especially school-age children, are better served by teachers who have undergone background checks and follow other regulatory mandates.

Our goals for Summer Camp are for school-age children to engage in enrichment, activity, and education as appropriate for summer. It is important to offer a relaxed, flexible schedule that includes respect for others, community service, community awareness, and fun. Field trips, outdoor play, center play with choices, reading times, and healthy snacks are available for our school age children in a well-supervised environment.

Summer Camp starts the first Monday after school is dismissed for the summer and runs until the day before school starts in August. CDM’s Summer Camp classrooms are designed for grade levels to be grouped and separated the majority of the day, with a maximum of 15 children to 1 teacher, for a ratio of 15:1.