Infants: 6 weeks to 12 months

When you enroll your baby in CDM, we welcome your family into ours. Infant classrooms are set up to be loving, nurturing environments with rich and varied materials to enhance every level of your baby’s development. Care teachers know young children must have their needs met through consistent relationships in order for babies to feel secure, setting a firm foundation for learning.

Younger infants create their own schedules of eating, sleeping, playing, and interacting with others, according to their own needs. Older infants engage in more active play; developing the skills of crawling, pulling up, and walking.  They, too, create their own schedules, eventually transitioning into a community snack/lunch and sleeping schedule.

Features of our program:

  • Infant classrooms are shoe-free zones so that children may play on clean floors and gain the large motor skills they need.
  • Age appropriate spaces, varied materials, and nurturing relationships allow babies to work on all areas of development: physical, emotional, social, language, and thinking skills.
  • Language is key at this early age to future success, so care teachers engage in lots of talking, listening, reading, and singing to “bathe our babies” in language.
  • With older infants, sign language is taught to enhance communication.

Each infant room is designed for a maximum of 8 children with two care teachers, for a ratio of 4:1. Additionally, we have accommodating teachers who rotate in and out throughout the day to provide additional care and attention to the children.

Care Teachers for Infants:
Joyce Galloway, S.C. Early Childhood Credential

Shayla Brown, A.A. Early Care and Education

Erin Freeman, S.C. Early Childhood Credential

Tula Kalivjoti, S.C. Early Childhood Credential