Early Learners: Twos

Two-year old rooms at the Child Development Ministry are places of growing independence. Teachers know that two-year olds come in as toddlers and leave as preschoolers. Two-year olds are gaining a sense of identity and are working hard to develop into their own person.

CDM’s two-year old rooms are set up to offer more defined learning centers.  You’ll find:

  • a Cozy Corner with books for reading and soft spaces for being quiet
  • Housekeeping Center, Block Center, and Dramatic Play Center to offer opportunities and materials for pretend play, important during this phase of development
  • Language growth is in its optimal stage now, so reading and listening to books, singing, rhyming, talking, and listening to stories are favorite activities.
  • Music & Movement and Chapel are part of weekly lesson plans.

Potty training is an important milestone at this age level. Usually beginning at about 24 months, toilet training takes place as children are physically, cognitively, and emotionally ready. CDM partners with families to make toilet training a successful process, building two-year olds’ self-confidence and self-esteem.

Two-year old rooms are set up for a maximum of 12 children with two teachers, for a ratio of 6:1.

Teachers for two-year old classrooms:
Tommie Smith, S.C. Early Childhood Credential

Jonida Nushi, S.C. Early Childhood Credential

Allyson Bruley, A.A. Early Care and Education

Charla Parker