What are CDM’s hours?
CDM is open 7:00 AM until 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Do you offer tours of your facility?
Yes, tours are offered Monday through Friday from 10 AM until 3 PM. CDM has an open-door policy, so that no appointment is necessary.

For what ages is care offered?
CDM offers care for children 6 weeks and older. Care for school-age children is offered after school and when school is not in session.

Is there a waiting list for placement into your program?
There may be a waiting list for placement into certain age levels. Please contact CDM to find out about availability.

Are your teachers certified?
All of CDM’s teachers have Early Childhood Degrees and/or Early Childhood Credentials. Additionally, all of teachers participate in yearly continuing education in the field of Early Childhood Education beyond the hours mandated by S. C.

What is CDM’s Discipline Policy?
We believe that behavioral issues provide teachable moments for children, so CDM’s philosophy is one of guidance rather than punishment. We use distraction and/or redirection for toddlers who may exhibit aggressive behavior. For preschoolers, when distraction or redirection do not work, we use problem solving skills. CDM absolutely uses no corporal punishment or time out.  Please see the CDM Parent Handbook for more information.

What is CDM’s Illness Policy?
CDM follows S. C. DSS mandates on illness, as outlined by S. C. DHEC.  Please see CDM Parent Handbook for specific details.

Are the children taught about God?
YES, Christian education is a priority at CDM!  Bible verses, stories and songs are integrated into the daily curriculum. Chapel Lessons are held weekly for children two-years and older with a pastor from First United Methodist Church of Myrtle Beach.