Early Learners: Twos

CDM’s program for two-year olds is based on WestEd’s Program for Infant/Toddler Care, emphasizing respectful, responsive care given within nurturing, strong relationships.

 Our program’s goal for two-year olds is:

  • to build and maintain nurturing relationships, while giving children lots of time and interesting environments for exploring who they are in relationship to others and the world around them.  Their growing sense of identity will lead them seamlessly into CDM’s preschool program.

Language learning becomes vital during these early years, so many opportunities for language are given across the curriculum. Singing, reading, book handling, finger-plays, and story-telling are important ways for two-year olds to explore and learn language as they develop a love of language. Learning Centers offer young children a variety of choices and materials, while teachers guide, facilitate, and encourage play. 

Potty training becomes an important component in the curriculum at this age level, as children become physically, cognitively, and emotionally ready for this developmental milestone.  Two-year olds enter these classrooms as toddlers and emerge as preschoolers during this time of rapid growth in all developmental areas.